Source Code

A simple but effective way to leave comments to your future self, and other programmers is to put stuff like this in code:

<!-- NOTE: I don't know why this works. Do not touch. -->

There are ways to view all of these comments in you code, for example, the Sublime Text Todo Review plugin. But! What if you want to do this for multiple directories and view them all in one window?

Enter: TooDo.

Find the FIX/NOTE/TODO tasks in your source files!

This is a fun weekend project for me, but I am all for learning, so let me know if things don’t work, or you have a feature request.

The real basic GUI.

How to Use

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Install requirements (fswatch, toml)
    •  python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt 
  3. Open config.toml and define the directories you want to watch, like this:
        path = "/Users/finnlesueur/Git/tooDo/"
        ignore_paths = [
        ignore_types = [
  1. Run the script!
    • python
    • I personally made an Automator app which simply calls this script so I can boot it from Alfred.


You may wish to customise the FIX/TODO/NOTE/whateveryouwant patterns being searched for. You can do this in config.toml

        regex = "FIX:\\s*(.*)"
        regex = "TODO:\\s*(.*)"
        regex = "NOTE:\\s*(.*)"

You can also change the font family, font size, font colour, background colour and colour of the currently selected line.

    background = "#ecf0f1"
    text = "#1e272e"
    current_line = "#badc58"
    font_family = 'Space Mono'
    font_size = 13
    font_size_big = 16

You may also wish to crank up how often changes to the todo list are checked for. It is set by default to 1000ms which seems perfectly good to me. It will use lots more CPU if you make it excessively small.

    tk_refresh_rate = 1000