Hikers: Finn, Jen and Thomas on 25/01/2020

Day 1: Tarn Hut

To start the day you head down towards the stream, cross a style and I recommend you head back up to the 4WD track instead of following the single track. The walking is easier! Follow the 4WD track for 4km (53min, 42m ⬆️) before crossing a stream. This is your only crossing for the day, so perhaps take off your shoes and cross if you’d prefer to keep them dry!

From here, the track becomes less well-formed and climbs steeply up to the hut. While the track levels off near the top, it is very consistently steep, so take it slow and steady for this next 6.4km (1hr 47min, 726m ⬆️). Be sure to turn around and admire the view behind you looking back towards Lee’s Valley!

Tarn Hut
(📷: Finn LeSueur) Tarn Hut

Tarn Hut has 4 beds (2 bunks), a fireplace and a tarn for a water source. I would recommend boiling the water as it is not flowing, tends to be an off-colour and has floaties in it!

The view from Tarn Hut
(📷: Finn LeSueur) The view from Tarn Hut

Day 2: Out via Youngman Stream Hut

This day starts by completing your ascent of Lilburne Hill over 1.3km (24min, 126m ⬆️) - the track is not very well defined due to the hardiness of the tussocks, but just keep you eye on the next pole and you’ll get there no problem!

The view from Liliburn Hill
(📷: Finn LeSueur) The view from Lilburne Hill

For the next 2.5km (1hr, 683m ⬇️) you will descend steeply towards the Ashley River where Youngman Stream Hut is located. Be-ware the sandfies! The track climbs back steeply out of the valley to avoid river-travel, but over time it flattens back out in the valley. It is 6.7km from Youngman Stream Hut to the junction from Day 1 (2hrs 15min, 131m ⬇️), and from there another 4.2km (53min, 62m ⬇️)! All in all, this is a really nice day, travelling through a really varied landscape but we found it pretty gruelling work in 25℃ and over!

Be sure to take the time to have a dip in the stream to cool down, enjoy the landscape and take it all in. We swum at the tarn, at Youngman Stream Hut, at the river crossing and at the carpark!