PyroCMS 3 & Laravel: setLocale Compatability Error

The Problem

For the longest time I did the dance of setting up Apache, PHP-FPM and managing PHP versions on my Macbook Pro for website development using the PyroCMS 3 framework, but last week I got hit with this error when trying to create a new project:


Solution #1: Change Your PHP CLI Version

After some Googling I found this answer:

“It looks like you ran composer update with a different PHP version than the one that is used to execute the application (see also #34482).” - xabbuh on GitHub

I battled with PHP Brew and tried to change my PHP CLI version, but it got very messy and I gave up, if I’m honest!

Time to try something else.

Solution #2: Laravel’s Valet

Valet is a really wonderful tool that sends all .test domains to localhost and matches them to to any folder(s) you set up, and it remarkably painless to use!

Because I’m on MacOS:

brew update
brew install php
# At this point I already have Composer installed
composer global require laravel/valet
valet install
cd ~/Websites/cyc
valet park

And now I can go to cyc.test on my local machine and I am good to go, and there is no PHP error due to a mismatch between the CLI and Apache versions.

I am very happy to have found Valet! Good luck and happy developing to you all! 💻