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Hikers: Finn & Jen on 01/02/2020

Craigieburn Forest Park has a wide range of walks; everything from a 45-minute walk through the forest, to a multi-hour traverse to Castle Hill Village. You can find a lot of information here on the DOC website, but there is a lot more tracks on the sign at Mistletoe Flat!

1: Mistletoe Flat to Lyndon Saddle (Mistletoe Track)

The posted DOC time for this 2.1km (~345m gain) uphill track is 45 minutes, but we managed it in around 35 minutes. It is a steady and unrelenting climb all the way to Lyndon Saddle, but not outside the ability of younger kids or people just getting fit!

2: Lyndon Saddle to Helicopter Hill

The posted DOC time for this 0.5km (~115m gain) is 15min, and due to its steepness, this is actually pretty accurate! A first for DOC, perhaps.

Jen at Helicopter Hill

3: Lyndon Saddle to Broken River Road (Luge Track)

From Lyndon Saddle to Broke River Road via the Luge Track is signposted as 45min, 2.9km and is downhill the whole way. However, if you are climbing from Broken River Road to Lyndon Saddle, then the time given is 1hr.

This track is slightly more technical than Mistletoe Track for those on their mountain bike. On foot it is a lovely descent and a nice respite from the climb up Mistletoe Track and to Helicopter Hill!

We finished off our walk by cruising down the Broken River Road to Mistletoe Flat. All in all, we walked for about 1hr 45, with 10 or so minutes of mucking about at the top of Helicopter Hill.

Next time: mountain bikes!