Curriculum Vitae


I am a hardworking, well-rounded teacher who has been involved in many co-curricular activities, principally tutoring and dancing in the most recent years. This has given me a huge amount of experience and knowledge in leadership, teaching, and task management.



I have had years of experience to improve and refine my leadership skills through my time at UCanDance and have also learned much about how to teach, and to manage a class of students. I have, through my work, become self-motivated and capable of working as an individual, as well as a pair or larger group. My time as a tutor and working as a web developer has shown me how to work one-on-one with students. It has shown me how to form positive relationships and how these relationships can help the student grow.


Science and Physics Teacher at Cashmere High School

Christchurch, 2019 - present

At the start of 2019 I won a permanent position as a Science and Physics at Cashmere High School. I was delighted to gain this role as I am an ex-student of Cashmere High School and I wanted to give back to the school that gave me such a wonderful experience. During my time here I have learned innumerable things. Perhaps the most important being how to juggle the many (many) expectations and jobs that you have as a teacher. It has been more work and much harder than I expected but I continue to work hard to meet the expectations of the role.

Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching with Science & Mathematics

Christchurch, 2017

During my Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching at the University of Canterbury, I completed courses in teaching of both junior mathematics and science. In conjunction with this, I completed a six week placement at Shirley Boys High School and a six week placement at Darfield High School, where I taught a variety of classes to a range of age groups. At Shirley Boys High School, I taught Year 10 Science, Year 11 Science (Chemistry), and Year 12 Physics. At Darfield High School, I taught Year 9 Mathematics, Year 10 Science, Year 11 Science (Biology), and Year 13 Physics. This was very educational and I found that it gave me a really great overview into teaching a wide range of students of different ages and abilities.

Private Tutor

Christchurch, 2016-2017 Reference: Various students

During the second half of 2016 and all of 2017, I worked as a private tutor in NCEA level maths and science. Most of my students had weekly lessons. Working as a private tutor gave me good practice of working one-on-one with students.This showed me the high value individual interaction with the students. These one-on-one sessions really allowed me to connect with the students in a way which gave them the freedom to ask questions without being afraid, and to really push themselves in their study. These sessions also allowed me to focus my knowledge into more narrow areas which I found very useful in honing my ability to communicate certain topics. This made a really large difference in my teaching and I really noticed it during my placement at Teachers College.

Web Developer, CheapEConsulting

Christchurch, 2015 - present

I am currently working as a contractor to CheapEConsulting. I have produced professional, high quality and structurally sound websites for small businesses and organisations around Christchurch and wider New Zealand. This work has required that I manage my time wisely and be self motivated in order to produce the websites within the schedule dictated by the client. It has also required that I have an eye for detail in the coding and also in the user experience.

Some of my work examples:

Dance Teacher, UCanDance Club

Christchurch - 2013 to present

Since 2013, I have served as a dance teacher at UCanDance. This commitment to teaching included: 10 classes in 2013, 30 in 2014, 15 in 2015, and 25 in 2016, as well as various special classes offered through the years. My role as a teacher included following and/or creating a syllabus, preparing the moves before class, managing the music playlist for my classes, as well as working with my partner to observe and adjust for the progress of the class and offer individual advice and tips during freestyle dance in the classes. This experience as a teacher has been invaluable to my leadership, teaching and public speaking skills.

President - UCanDance Club

Christchurch — 2014 & 2015

During the two years I served as the president of the University of Canterbury Dance Club (UCanDance), I was in charge of ensuring that our regular classes ran like clockwork, that the many large events held throughout the year ran on time and under budget and that the committee functioned well and its members were completing the tasks delegated to them. The Club has a net annual income of over $10,000 and this was spent on paying the regular teachers, organising end of term parties, an annual trip to Hanmer Springs, a large and costly Ball and various other events. The scale of the Club meant that I learnt to see the bigger picture, plan long term, be calm and organised when faced with issues and differences within the Club and its committee. My time as president was invaluable in teaching me how to work within a larger group, how to get things done, compromise, stand my ground and to motivate people to be interested and excited about dance and their role on committee.